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Scientific article: Writing the methodology section

For those who write research papers that are based on science, the main goal is to put your results concisely and clearly. Another objective is to get information such that the research can duplicate the practical and research. Research papers have particular sections. These sections are normally determined by either the specific style or by a target journal. For example, in the behavioral and social sciences, the APA style of writing is usually applied to collect information on a manuscript. Unlike most styles, the APA's objective is to make sure that the manuscripts are appropriately written with minimal distractions to the reader. All research should consist of detailed formulas and methods sections. It comes after the introduction section. Hence it gives the reader enough data to conclude if the study is reproducible or valid.


When creating research studies, the author must typically decide on the main points they are trying to affect and cause the relationship or the most straightforward way of designing the research. The study must meet the objectives. The methodology section consists of three subsections, procedures, apparatus, and participants. In biological science, the methodology section might also have details, and the objective is similar. A student must present the research study concisely and make it easier to understand and duplicate.

  • Literature search

A literature search carries out to collect information that corresponds to the previous studies. Literature searches are very vital when getting evidence on topics and also assisting in validating the research. Most researches are usually completed using phrases and keywords to look for valid databases. E.g., both PubMed and MEDLINE give information about biomedical literature. APA suggests using PsycINFO. It (APA) also refers to the premier database for searching for articles in related literature and psychological science. 
The authors at Thesis Helpers must cite the sources that they used and helped them in their research.

  • Methods section

One of the commonly misused terms in a research paper is methodology. The methodology is that branch of philosophy of science that deals with scientific methods. The methodology is further sub-divided into various parts.

  • Study participants

Authors must also cite the source where they got non-human specimens. The authors should also cite the number, ages, initial conditions, and sex.

  • Exclusion/inclusion criteria

Authors must also describe their exclusion and inclusion criteria and also the methods of determining them. The authors should also include the number of eliminated subjects.

  • Group characteristics

The authors must also include a chosen group's description—the details of how it was subdivided into smaller groups and their traits.

  • Procedures

The authors must also talk about the design of their study. The instruments and preparations must have an explanation. 

  • Statistical analyses

The types of data, methods of how you measured the data, and statistical tests performed should also have an explanation. The software used for carrying the experiment must have a citation.

Mistakes to avoid

There are common mistakes that result in a cumbersome manuscript. To read too many mistakes can cause the readers to question if the research is valid.

Here are some of the guidelines that you can use when writing the methodology?

  1. Background data or information which is not relevant.
  2. The authors stop giving too many details.
  3. Authors must also focus on how to use the methods to reach their goals. And they should focus less on the mechanics.


When writing the methodology section, one should stop including details extensively or a lot of things. It makes the readers lose attention when reading your work.