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A Guide To Dissertation Writing: 7 Mistakes Most Students Make

Essay writing is an important part of the educational process, with students of all ages being required to write academic papers on a variety of different topics. It is particularly important when studying at a higher level, such as a university course, where students may be required to write dissertations, which are comprehensive academic papers that require a great deal of research and effort.

The following outlines seven mistakes that many students make when writing dissertations, as well as many other styles of essay too.

  1. Not allowing enough time to get the work done
  2. One of the biggest mistakes that many students make is to underestimate how much time is required to complete the work. By not allowing enough time to get the work done, it can seriously impact upon the quality of work that is produced.

  3. Not proofreading and editing the work properly
  4. Another common mistake that many students make is to not proofread or edit the work properly once they have written the essay. Many students will put a great deal of time and effort into writing a logical and well-argued paper; however, they will then only briefly look over to check for mistakes. By not eliminating these unnecessary mistakes, it can seriously detract from the quality of the writing.

  5. Wasting time researching unnecessary information
  6. It is important to plan the work before you start writing or research failure to do so can easily lead to wasting too much time researching unnecessary information.

  7. Reference and citation errors
  8. When including quotations, summaries or paraphrased content, it is important to reference and cite any sources properly. Failure to do so properly can make your writing look sloppy, whilst failure to include any citations or references at all can put you at risk of being accused of plagiarism.

  9. Poor structuring of the language
  10. Poorly structured language can easily devalue the quality of any argument that you wish to make. As a result, it can be a good idea to have a professional check over any work that you have written - this can also help to limit any spelling errors.

  11. Badly written abstracts
  12. An abstract is an important part of any dissertation and is used to persuade readers to continue reading your work. If it is badly written, then it can have the opposite effect, and ultimately persuade readers not to continue looking at your work.

  13. Not looking at other well-written dissertations for inspiration
  14. Finally, looking at past papers written by other students can be a great source of inspiration. Failure to do so can mean that you’re not using as many sources as possible for ideas which could improve your essay.