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Where to find tremendous dissertation research grants and how to achieve it

If you are looking for a research grant then no matter what your field of study, you will need to produce an exemplary piece of work that will set out your objectives. It is important to realise that there is some very strong if not cut-throat competition when it comes to research grants so you need to make sure that your dissertation research questions are watertight. It will also depend on your area of interest.
If you are already working in the area of your research then employers may be convinced through a sound research proposal that your work and its results can benefit the company.
This may be fine if you are working for example in the area of Health Safety and are employed in that area. But in many cases funding may be available for actual research but not for the researcher.
It can be very difficult to get research funding from Charitable Organisations as generally they have already set their in-house spending targets well in advance.
To make sure that you stand a chance at getting grant funding you will need to make sure that when you devise your research proposal that you look carefully at the costs involved.
Most research projects run on very tight budgets. So it is important that you present a complete and realistic budget. If you are unsure of the costings then ask someone to help do not guess the cost.
This is very important because if you are awarded a grant, that is your budget and you cannot later ask for more because you forgot to cost in one of the components.

Before presenting your proposal:

Have a clear objective that is based on what you already know through a comprehensive literature search. Be prepared to visit smaller projects that have similarity to support your knowledge and illustrate what you want to achieve.
Show that you are well planned and widely researched in the area of concern.

Research grants can be in short supply, so the best advice is to make sure that you have tackled the importance of your work and how it can impact. Be realistic about its cost both in monetary and in the time taken. Show that you have discussed the research proposal at an academic level and that your ideas are supported by actual academic evidence.